Your Soul’s Call to Wild Adventure


What would it be like to live in a world where we cannot help but express our true selves in healthy, sustainable, and peaceful ways?

 We can intuitively feel that we are living on the edge of a turning point in human history.

 We intuit a threshold, a precipice beyond consciousness, where we reveal our inner raw-beingness to ourselves. With it comes a faint tremor of an unspoken fear that we might not like what we find.  

 There is also a sense we are being invited to discover personal resources and knowledge previously forgotten by us.

I often recite in sacred circle about what I have come to know as truth; that our greatest transformation exists only when we forget what we remember, so we may remember what we have forgotten.’

It is essential to self-witness a solid understanding of ourselves through our own inner knowing in order to feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment that our soul is calling for.

As part of our human journey, we are each contracted on a soul-level to experience soul contracts, karma, sanskars, or challenging cycles and lessons in life. We are here to learn something about ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience.  We are always in the process of a transformative cycle in some area of our life as part of the path of our unique destiny.

Here inlays the ever-available opportunity. 

While such cycles are unavoidable, the orientation from which we palpate these cycles often determines how difficult it becomes, how long it lasts, and whether we transmute the darkness of confusion and pain into the light of new potential and possibilities in life. Healing and transformation.

Life is not random; all of our experiences are meaningful — even the painful ones.  All experiences are a call to the Soul’s wild adventure, and toward the ultimate alignment it seeks.  Witness the opportunity unfolding, it is always available to you.

Maybe you are searching for spiritual significance to help you understand the time we’re in.  Or perhaps recent world events have you wondering about the meaning of life and your purpose here.

Maybe you’re even wondering what kind of legacy we’re going to leave the next generation, and what your unique ripple in the fabric is designed to be.

Regardless of what it is or the reason why, you intuitively know things can’t continue the way they are, and yet you don’t know what you can do to change or even where to begin.

The potential of living a deeply awakened life is so magnificent and so far beyond most of what we see in the world that even when we experience it for ourselves, we often find it hard to accept that life could be this extraordinary.

In order to make room inside ourselves for the miraculous to take root, we need to uncover, and ultimately leave behind a deeply rooted insistence on a life with limitations. 

This deeply rooted and often unconscious limitation infects even the most dedicated people and subtly holds us back from taking the steps of surrender required to truly experience our own personal freedom and create a life we feel worthy of living.

As we are entering into the dark and colder months of Fall and Winter, we are called to go inward and explore our inner landscape more deeply.

What must we release in ourselves in order to become who we came here to be? Now is time to shed the barriers we have built, to release our own self-limitations.

It can often feel uncomfortable to explore these deeper parts of ourselves, but please know that you are not alone.

I offer a sacred circle of deep and personal healing.  In my practice, I integrate energy medicine and quantum healing techniques which combine modern neuroscience, practical psychology, conscious wisdom, and ancient energy practices, to create a life aligned.

Energy medicine and spiritual psychology empower you to step beyond your thoughts and feelings to witness life re-organizing around you, as your vision comes into coherent focus.

 I am here to hold and support you in this way.  Click here to view my list of services or book a free clarity call.