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Clinically trained,
Mystically guided

Service Options

I would be honored to guide you on a journey towards cultivating a deep connection with your sacred inner wisdom so you may lead an awakened, meaningful life.


Free 15 Minute Clarity Call

Feel into the alignment for healing

Are you interested in healing holistically through the Quantum field? Are you curious if blending Clinical Psychology, Consciousness Coaching and Ancient Energy Practices will help you to achieve the deepest level of healing?

Working together may be the antidote you need to create massive shifts in your life and soul expression. I’d love to be your healing guide! Let’s connect for a clarity call where I can answer your questions, understand your goals, and we can learn more about each other.



Deep and Wide

A full day to reflect and transform

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You are stardust. Know thyself.
Immersion healing: Dive into the depths of your soul.
Full Day Session:  6 Hours + 30 Mins
Half Day Session: 3 Hours

A sacred day of 1:1 Immersive Healing, blending All my best gifts and practices to help you achieve rapid, radical shifts toward your most ideal version of Self. You will be held with my fullest attention and devotion for 6.5 hours to blast through several old, stuck patterns and programs you are eager to master. With tools and magic, we will dig deep and fully commit to the change you desire . Ideal for the busy, passionate seeker ready to invest in Quantum up-leveling. A New Divine YOU Awaits!


Holistic Therapy

Integrative Psychology + Ancient Energy Healing + Consciousness Coaching

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Choose between:

+ Laser Impact – One Hour
+ Voluminous – One Hour + 30 Minutes


A cultivated transformational journey towards personal power and a softening and strengthening of true Self. Channeled from grounded, Clinical Psychology, Ancient Energy Practices, and Consciousness Coaching. Every session is tailored to your higher meaning. You will experience invitation, attunement, restructuring, release, initiation, activation and fortification matching your unique needs in the moment. Step into your LIGHT Being!


What my clients are saying…

‘My wife and I are doing very well with flowing communication. We are on the right path and the work we have done with you has had an impact and helped to guide us to where we are now. We thank you!’

‘Damn-I miss our sessions!!! Mostly I miss your energy! That white light.’

‘Healer of hearts and souls. Creature of inspiration and grace, embodied in a cloak of kindness, care, empathy, and truth.’

‘I always enjoy our visits and leave feeling expanded. Especially when I can make you laugh.’

‘Amazingly revealing and helpful session yesterday! I had no idea where that process was going to go, and it turned out to be very deep and significant!’

‘I appreciate your help, Casey. You were so right on in our session. Very accurate. And it’s good news: I can let go of my thoughts of missing my opportunities. Thanks again!’

‘I felt so great after our session. I am thinking clearer and brighter. I feel inspired. Thanks so much for being my sounding board.’

‘I’m so very grateful and ready to move on now….Thank you for your help and encouragement getting me there.’

‘I was thinking about our sessions. I am feeling pretty damn healthy. Thank you very much! In full recognition of the huge part you have played in being able to say I am now happy, grateful, amazed.’

‘Thank you, Thank you. I owe you more than your payment.’

‘This has simply been the best investment I’ve ever made in my life. An investment with Casey, is an investment in my wellbeing and has resulted in deeper meaning, clarity, and personal fulfillment. I’m so grateful to be coming here!’

‘#BESTOF – If you’re in need of the Best Therapist in the universe. This is HER! Subconscious work, past life work, all the work, she’s unreal @shrinkbigger’

‘Had a good ritual yesterday and some good time to reflect and journal. I couldn’t be more excited to start this new chapter. There’s so much that I’m ready to leave behind, as well as a huge amount of growth that I’m ready to build on. Thank you so much for supporting me to achieve that growth, and for helping me get through the rest. I really value the time we spent getting to know each other.’

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