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Have you noticed that when we witness or experience shame, abandonment or neglect, particularly at a young age, the shock from that experience remains with us as an unconscious somatic traumatic imprint in our system?

The reverberations echo through us today.

These disappointments and traumas left un-mended become our core wounds, or the deepest fundamental beliefs that we have about ourselves on the subconscious level. Therefore, our habitual thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

How would you experience life if you could nourish and reorganize these imprinted subconscious patterns, heal your fragmentation, and re-imagine your ideal virtues?
Can we become resilient and devotional to these un-met parts? Sovereign. Integrated. And Whole again?


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There are infinite psychologies, ancient medicine practices and quantum healing techniques that can be used to help you to overcome discontent, dis-ease, dis-regulation, defense mechanisms, and maladaptive patterns organically. You can grow and awaken to live from a place of individuation, autonomy, agency, flow, joy, and love.

Energy healing modalities honor the inter-connection between the physical body, and the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. A psychological-spiritual lens is systemic and multi-dimensional, and holds that dis-order can appear in any of these layers when impacted by imbalances, and fragmented parts from any other layer of our being, or timeline.

Therefore, healing occurs when we descend into these fragmented aspects and retrieve our healthy un-met needs by delivering softness, kindness, presence, and attunement to our younger self who was injured. In this reckoning, an awakened, empowered, embodied Self emerges with clarity and peace, eager to create presence with themselves and others, build a luminous future.

Blending traditional psychologies with quantum energy healing techniques may be used for the clearing and activation of cellular memory and neural pathways, light codes and subliminal trauma responses of the human energy field. Multidimensional psychotherapy promotes health, balance and wellbeing throughout the body, the psyche, and the spirit within the space and time continuum.

This modern medicine is potent.

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Energy Medicines Explained

This form of therapy is intuitive, ethereal and ineffable. It derives from Eastern Ancient Medicine practices and training and the quantum consciousness of all frequencies, focusing on expansive energy expression and coherent organization. Patterns, memory fields, psychic traumas and limiting beliefs are re-organized to amplify conscious awareness and an invitation to initiate embodiment of that which we do not readily know, see or understand, illuminated as our innate truth.

Integrating quantum energy medicine into clinical psychotherapy sessions invokes radical shifts and changes in dense, old and stuck patterns you have come to identify with, suffer endlessly from, and yet maintain as part of your daily reality. Quantum mechanics, when used in aligned resonance, delivers you to your truest, highest soul expression.

During quantum sessions we isolate, organize and restructure non-productive, maladaptive patterns and create clarity and transformation to propel you forward with inspired purpose. 

You may benefit from this approach if…

  • You feel stuck and unmotivated
  • You feel lost, disempowered, and don’t know yourself
  • You experience a lot of self doubt and worry
  • You find yourself repeating unhealthy patterns personally and interpersonally
  • You find yourself reliving the past
  • You experience a pattern over and over again that seems to block you from moving beyond your current circumstances
  • You are living the “life of your dreams” and yet you aren’t as happy as you expected to be
  • You are successful, yet acutely suffering in your inner world
  • You are seeking clarity for life purpose and guidance on your pathway
  • You seek to understand the symptoms of your life
  • You would like to awaken your greater potential
  • You are experiencing a spiritual awakening, or transiting a dark night of the soul and need a container and guide
  • You are struggling to overcome your challenges alone
  • You have tried everything else; traditional, linear therapies, or ungrounded healings and you know something comprehensive is needed

Integration of these techniques can help you…

  • Break the grip of past pains
  • Heal painful family dynamics
  • Transcend archaic relational frameworks
  • Release yourself from fear
  • Surrender the victim consciousness you wear as a badge
  • Believe in yourself again, and learn to trust your inner guidance
  • Achieve clear knowing and remove the filters of your trauma responses to move forward
  • Leave behind chaos, drama, and toxicity
  • Discover how to set boundaries with yourself
  • Reconnect to your heart’s deepest knowing and anchor your visions into your body
  • Learn to listen to your internal compass to guide your highest calling and the messengers in your body
  • Trust yourself and others
  • Identify triggers and trauma responses for what they are
  • Follow your innate intuitive guidance
  • Uncover unique keys to creating a life you love living
  • Overcome anxiety, shame, grief, self hate & self doubt
  • Become Conscious of your highest virtue and values
  • Find meaning in your past failures and strength in your traumas
  • Stop sabotaging your desires, dreams and future
  • Unravel the stories and release the limitations around difficult life transitions
  • Reprogram your energy field and neural pathways to magnify high frequencies aligned with your energy signature
  • View all life and circumstances as an opportunity

Feel into the Alignment for Healing

I would be honored to guide you on a journey towards cultivating a deep connection with your sacred inner wisdom so you may lead an awakened, meaningful life.  Please click here to book a free clarity call.

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