Hello Lovely,
I’m Casey

A fellow human on a journey towards whole-ness.

Many years ago, I sat in my therapist’s office and discovered my dharma.

My life’s purpose was designed to guide people through healing.

This realization happened during a deeply painful season in my own life. A time filled with anxiety, loss, grief, sadness, uncertainty and confusion.

Does this sound familiar to you?

I was always a natural healer, but during this time I was often tangled in the ‘shadow’ aspect of helping, the wounded healer. The pervasive shadow side of my helping nature revealed itself when I lost someone I truly loved, and so many sacred parts of myself. But most significantly, I discovered I had lost myself.

After immersing myself in my own therapy and healing sessions, I became conscious about myself and relational patterns. I became attuned to my habitual patterns and programs that warranted exploration and restructuring towards conscious creation and an empowered Self.

During this period of loss, I was fragmented and in need of soul guidance, I devoted myself deeply to years of profound inner healing work.

Inside that time and space I told my beautiful healer of my desire to help others create healing through their own traumas.
I will never forget her loving response. She simply said, “I’ve just been waiting for you to say that.”

Everything then changed towards radical progress and growth.

My mission was clear – I am not just here to help. I am here to heal. As an Embodied Healer.

My therapist created an honest, unconditionally loving echo-chamber so that I was able to discover my own wholeness and truth.

It was through heartbreak, loss and trauma that I was able to understand and integrate the quintessential aspect of true healing for myself, and others.

Through accessing infinite possibilities of healing, I evolved from simply enduring the pain to an awakened consciousness.

Casey Stevens Shrink Bigger therapist wearing hat

Today, I continue to immerse myself in my healing journey and consciousness. I have deepened my connection to Self and others, as well as, unearthing my intuition and inner guidance.

In this process I offer
  • Invitation
  • Presence
  • Attunement
  • Release
  • Restructuring
  • Initiation
  • Activation
  • Fortification

What I create is similar to the fine tuning of a piano. I listen to feel the frequency, energy, patterns, and structure in a person and their whole essence. With my hyper-sensory awareness and the ability to know which keys are out of tune, I illuminate and guide organization and coherence within a person, couple, family to gather clarity. Your keys represent the different aspects and parts of yourself. I help you identify which keys are out of tune so you may experience more harmony and resonance.

I walk you through reorganizing and integrating the impeccable parts of yourself to resound beauty and radiance both as a soloist and in concert with other instruments.

I pride myself most on providing a presence and attuning to each of my clients and the unique energy signature and multi-dimensionality of their soul.

Over the span of my career, I have sweetly
integrated being

clinically trained and mystically guided.

It is within the paradigm of multi-dimensional healing and a layered approach that one can find the antidote to their suffering. Guidance to their true soul’s path is always unconditionally loving and reflects the highest truth.

I believe that bridging the worlds of science and spirituality for human behavior and consciousness while holding the vision for transformation and expansion, leads to a soulful Divine intelligence. This creates pathway to one’s own enlightenment.

Through my holistic and clinical interdisciplinary approach, I work to guide clients towards cultivating a deep connection with their sacred inner wisdom so they may lead an awakened, meaningful life.



The Formal Details

With over a decade of clinical practice, I am a Licensed Psychotherapist, a Master Certified Coach and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Beyond that, my intuition and healing abilities allow me to feel people’s unique energy and adapt tools and techniques based on the precise needs of each soul.

Traditional Degrees + Trainings +
Certifications + Memberships

MS, LMFT, Marriage & Family Therapy and Psychology, SPU
BA, University of Washington
Polyvagal Theory, Deb Dana, Rhythm of Regulation
Adlerian Psychology, Institute of Adlerian Counseling & Therapy
Master Certified Coach, Gestalt Center for Coaching
Pre-Marital & Marriage Counseling, Prepare/Enrich
Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Gottman Institute
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Training, UW
Humanistic, Experiential Psychology
Motivational Interviewing
Member of AAMFT, WAMFT, NGH, and NWAPS

Holistic Credentials + Certifications + Offerings

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy, Bastyr University
Past Life Integration, Mary Lee LaBay
Comprehensive Energy Psychology, Bastyr University
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master, Red Stone Healing
Emotional Freedom Techniques, Alternative Healing Professionals
Neuro-Linguistic Programming, INLP Center
Mindful Meditation, Celebrate Spirit & Spiritual Growth Journeys
Shadow Work and Inner Child Work, John Bradshaw
Five Elements of Chinese Face Reading, Bastyr University
Tarot Reading, Wisdom of the Tarot, Mary Lee LaBay
Shamanism, Hank Wesselman
Cellular Activations, Upgrades and Somatic Embodiment Psychologies
Theta Healing, Vianna Stibal
Transpersonal, Somatic Psychology and Somatic Re-integration Breathwork
Energy Clearing: Sacred Spaces and Psychic Human Imprints, Bastyr University
Four Dimensional Medicine Wheel of Sexual Experience, Gina Ogden

What my clients are saying…

‘You’ve been steady for me. Available. Honest. Interested. Amused. The quality of humanity is caring. You come from that place to see where you can place your seeds. You are so beautifully you that way, naturally, with conscience, for all your clients I suppose, and for me for sure. That’s what I appreciate. You really care. And you choose to.’

‘Sometimes it’s helpful just to have you in the room.’

‘Thank you, Thank you. Thank you. We so appreciate the support you have provided our family! We are in a better place because of the support you have provided to us and the great work you have done. We really appreciate it.’

‘You have been so kind, and your services are so special! You are a healing, caring, loving, nurturing resource and it really helped the girls. They are doing great. They have let go of their worries and not hanging onto them. This is such a relief! We are so grateful to you.’

‘I am grateful for our sessions. They remind me that so many of the things I like about myself I am able to re-connect with through our discussions, parts which I had thought were lost.’

‘Our session was really special. Thank you very much!! I left feeling really positive and inspired and just wanting to connect.’

‘When you were coaching me I got stronger and less tolerant of life’s bullsh*t. I realized I am a soft person at heart and didn’t know how to filter the crap from the good stuff. I still learn everyday and figure out what that means. I am humbled by it, but accept myself now.’

‘This was one of the best talks I ever had. I got in my car and cried -a good cry- most of the way home. You opened my eyes. Thinking about my mission in life. So revealing. Simply awesome conversation! I feel liberated.’

‘There have been days in the last few months when I’m so thankful to have you in my life. You bring me so much

‘Thank you Casey. I hope you know you are a real treasure, and I am so thankful to have you be part of my life.’

‘Thank you so much Casey! I am always grateful to have your perspective. You are able to talk in a way about things that is more accessible, and offer guidance which makes seeing you so enjoyable!’

‘You have been such a big help for our son! He is more even keeled and more resilient. Thank you!’

‘Thank you- I have high hopes for this next part of life…and you helped get me closer. I miss our talks and your amazing energy!’

‘I truly miss our sessions!! I tell everyone about YOU. I can’t wait to come back and see you again.’

‘I want to thank you for our session yesterday, it was amazing and magical. An incredibly meaningful experience. I want to thank you for suggesting and doing this fascinating work with me!’

‘You’ve added a dimension of perspective and voice to my own dialogue because you’ve been a backboard. I refer to it even though you don’t know that I do. That’s how you silently contribute, frequently. That’s why you’re awesome, and why I love you, in the appropriate way a client can say that..’