The Divine Within Us

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There are times in each of our lives when we experience a sense of loneliness.  And often these feelings come on intensely during the dark, short days of the fall when the veil is thin, and the underworld feels omnipresent.

Being alone isn’t always a bad thing, it can actually be revitalizing, and can open a door into our innermost Holy dimensions.

But when solitude transitions into a hollow and dark feeling of loneliness, it’s possible to undergo a deep psychological crisis.

With the world landscape continuing to be an activated present timeline, many of us are feeling the heaviness, turmoil and isolation.  We are experiencing the walls closing in.

 Yet, we feel dissonance and loss, as if light-years apart from one another inside our collapsed realities. A stirring discontent and incoherence. A looming low vibrational hum. Invocation into the underbelly of darkness.

When you are going through a life crisis, you’ll naturally feel separated from yourself and others.

Maybe you’re starting to wonder whether you’re the only one who feels isolated and afraid.  Perhaps you’re even wondering if you’re helpless and damaged beyond repair.

You are not.

If you were to ask for an antidote to the anguish of human loneliness, I would suggest that you reencounter and reexamine the connection that unites us with the earth, our lost ‘umbilical cord’. I would invite you to recognize the presence of an inexhaustible love that remains unaffected by human affairs. It is not so difficult. Look around, remember the being that sustains us, and realize you are at home, always at home.

– The Teachings of Don Carlos

Within all of us, there is a deeper essence, a mysterious spark longing to burn brighter. That deeper essence is the Soul, which is part of the energetic Life Force that runs through all things, an intrinsic vibrational signature holding codes of wisdom and passion.

The Soul is ferocious in its vision and appetite for evolution, awakening and alignment. The Soul beckons and encourages our humanly-selves to participate willingly to fulfill our highest destiny. To take up ALL the space we were designed for. 

Loneliness can often be a sign that you’re undergoing a spiritual awakening process, or an initiation to your next ascent – and this journey tends to start with the painful discovery of how alienated one is from their own Soul and their highest vibrational expression. A descent unraveling.

In actuality, this speaks to significant aspects we are disconnected from within our Souls, and we feel isolated from our true virtues, essence and expression of these. It occurs when we have lost touch with that Divine essence within us. When we allow apathy, lack, false truths, immobility and victimhood to make a home inside of us. We might even begin to identify with the heavy density of these vibrational energies. A disparity between our highest Self, and our current existence.

What you are going through may be perfectly normal in the context of what we’re all invited to experience in our own ways in this moment. You’re not alone in feeling alone. But try to remember, the dis-ease you feel is an invitation to transmute and transform.  It is temporary. 

However, if you feel desperate and lonely, I strongly encourage you to seek out a trauma-informed spiritual therapist or healer, to provide a compassionate container and higher altitude to shaman you beyond simply managing or overcoming these obstacles on the surface, but to truly travel, discern and integrate what meaning and opportunity for expansion lurks within the underworld of your Being.

The truth is, we are never alone. 

Although human connection and relational framework dynamics are our greatest challenge and gift here earth-side, it is quintessential to feel connected to our Self. To feel admiration and gratitude for the company you keep in the quietude and stillness of your inner landscape is our greatest purpose. In this graceful, vast solitude exists our most vibrant and vital connection of all.

Our true home. 

It is from our sacred internal center, and relationship with Self we discover harmony, truth, peace, satiety, and love. It is from this internal center, and nowhere else, we reach blissful states of Wholeness, Oneness, Enlightenment, and Unity Consciousness. 

From this still-point, dan-tien, internal locus of control or origin-point, we synchronize with the eternalness of our Being with trust; our connection to a Higher Power, Ancestors, animals, symbols, angels, guides, Beings of light, our inner child, higher Self, Soul, the Quantum field, shadow and light; an ethereal spark. 

A complete connection and conversation is always available when we settle into the void. The void is not empty, but rather spacious and filled with everything, and nothing.

Consciousness trespassed. 

To experience a truly meaningful journey in any time or space, we must first orient ourselves though the journey inward. We must welcome the descent, in order to truly ascend. Inherently we are summoned to expand in the container of contrast. It’s our privilege and choice.

If it feels like you are inside the depths of a personal descent either by your conscious examination, or overwhelmed and against your will, I invite you to consider the opportunity. 

As a fellow seeker who has undergone endless catalogs of lonely and grief-filled descents myself, I know this to be true. Each time we plunge into the depths from which we fear we cannot endure or survive, we do.  

The offering is to become freer, clearer, lighter, softer, stronger, purer, more vital, vibrant and higher in our concentration and frequency of Divine intelligence. Therefore, penetrating our unique and intimate relationship with wholeness, and the field of inter-connection to other souls, and life itself.

Always, unequivocally.  

But we must welcome the grotesque, the loneliness, the descent, and make friends with it. We must be curious about why it’s festering what it needs us to learn. 

The less we resist, the faster the transformation. The more loving and open we become within this terrifying unknown abyss, the sooner we can integrate our newfound treasures, lost fragments, activations, downloads and our highest potentiality. 

In this current timeline on earth and the voided space we are in both personally, and collectively, a thick soup of inflammation, irritation and contrast looms. These descents are bigger and more frequent than ever. Yet, we are able to rapidly transform and ascend through them like never before. 

The planet and our Souls are ripe with opportunity for expansion. 

If you feel called, I invite you to reach out to me for guidance to find your way back home, to not miss the opportunity for your growth. We all need a lighthouse with clear vision as we spin wildly in the cyclone of our private falling towers and dungeons of undoing. You mustn’t battle alone anymore.

The Fear
It doesn’t interest me how old you are,
I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool
for love,
for your dream,
for the adventure of being alive.

What does it mean to be alive? What does life feel like inside of you? What is the purpose of your life? Are you pushing your existence beyond the farthest edges of life as you know it?

Is your life bold, vital and awake? Is it sweet and salty and nourishing? Is it breathtaking and generous, majestic and Awe inspired? Does it live in joy? Tranquility? Passionate exchange?

Do you cling to fears and limitations which keep you from the fullness of your own heart, and your nirvana?

Do you have a dream for this life big or small, you’ve yet to live into? How will you feel if your dream lays in wait? For what or whom would you abandon it? What is the cost to you?

Can you risk looking like a fool so the flame inside of you can sear and scorch new fiery beginnings?

You have permission to seek to the outer limits of this life, and the beauty and adventure that undoubtedly exists beyond the known horizon.

Claim this wild flame as your birthright.

It takes courage and an unseen faith to live your truth. And when you enter into this space with the awareness that you are enough, deserving and worthy, all dreams are possible, and you no longer need to look for sustenance externally. You have already dared and won.

If you need guidance to harmonize with your sacred Oracle, and the unlimited possibilities within your life, please reach out by clicking this link and scheduled a free clarity call. It is my passion that you connect to the fullness of this life.

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